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Weerawan, Nickname Kay
Leave the very busy world outside our door, catch your breath in our Spa surrounded by gentle music and refreshing fragrances for the tranquility of your senses...


You can all benefit from a little bit of pampering and relaxation from time to time. What better way to unwind then with the treatment you deserve the most...

At Sawasdee Spa, our massages and therapeutic bodyworks are personalized to make you feel blissfully relaxed and fully rejuvenated. Because you worth it...


" Take a well-earned break with the treat you deserve the most. Sawasdee Spa in Limerick City Center is your Pampering Treatment Centres for your Body, Mind and Spirit! And don't forget, we can organize a Day Spa at Your Home."

enjoy the visit...

Menu And Pricing Overview

We offer a variety of possibilities that suits every taste and budget to help you make your special event relaxed and run smoothly... Don't hesitate to contact us for more information, special offers and other options. We will be happy to provide answers to any of your queries or questions

Our Massage Treatments:


30 Mins Massages


60 Mins Massages


90 Mins Massages

Some Of Our Spa Treatments:

  • - Thai Warrior
  • - Thai Traditional
  • - Thai Yoga
  • - Half Thai
  • - Thai Balm
  • - Aromatherapy
  • - Jade Hot Stone
  • - Physical Therapy
  • - Sport Massage
  • - Back & Shoulders
  • - Lower-Back To Head
  • - Detox Massage
  • - Baby, Infant, Child Treat
  • - Pre / Post Natal Massage
  • - Couple Break Time
  • - Thai Head
  • - Mini or Deluxe Facial
  • - Reflexology
  • - Foot Spa

Package Selection Starts From:


With Spa Break

  • This package includes:
    - Body Scrub,
    - Hot Stone Massage
    + Free Complementary:
    - Thai Head Massage or
    - Mini Facial.
    1 Hour 30 Mins Minimum

  • Also available:
  • Mum To Be, 2 Hours, €150
  • Mix'n Match, 3 Hours, €225
  • Pure Bliss, 5 Hours, €375
  • And more at your disposal!

meet our friends...

Massage is a highly effective way to de-stress, speed recuperation, enhance training gains and your overall well being. All our therapists are highly qualify from relaxing massage, like aromatherapy, to pain relieving massage, like sport massage. Be sure that they all will perform the treatment you choose in very professional manners. And like our fiends, just enjoy your treatment...

The Little Plus Of Our Spa

The everyday stresses of modern life can lead to a build up of tension in specific areas like lower back, shoulders, as well in your full body and also gives you headaches. Our therapists will focus the massage on the area you need the most and you will not only feel physically relaxed but you will also feel mentally re-energised.
Pure relaxation in your busy lifestyle: To help you to reach


Relax TimeDisconnect yourself in a peaceful environment.

Come and catch your breath in our spa surrounded by gentle music and refreshing fragrances for the tranquility of your senses.

After your holistic treatment that rejuvenates your Body, nourishes your Mind and Spirit, allow our therapist to offer you a calm time with herbal drink like a warm ginger tea, a cup of coffee or simply refreshing cold drink... and having a little chat!

Longer you leave the cares of world behind you, better you enjoy your relaxing time with us...

K.Weerawan, (Kay)


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There's Nothing Like Getting a Massage at HomeAnd being able to stay in that space of bliss or relaxation afterwards

We believe that everyone deserves regular moments of relaxation and a break from their daily routine in order to preserve and/or restore the natural balance of their body & mind.
We find that our precious health should be our priority. Health is our greatest possession & allows us to experience & enjoy life to the fullest.
There are many ways to achieve this and at Sawasdee Spa we are able to contribute to your sense of overall well-being through our massages. We offer you the healing experiences of the various massages that suit your needs.

Home Spa DetailsWhat we need to schedule your Amazing Day:

- Name and contact number of the Event Organisor
- Number of Participants
- Treatment for each Participant
- The date of the event
- The venue address: please note, a tranportation fee may apply

Get a quote now to schedule your very own Day Spa...

Thank you so much to All for those very kind comments, we trully appreciate
Weerawan & Didier