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There's nothing like getting a massage at home and being able to stay in that space of bliss or relaxation afterwards. Everyone deserves regular moments of relaxation and a break from their daily routine in order to preserve and/or restore the natural balance of their body & mind. Our precious health should be our priority. Health is our greatest possession & allows us to experience & enjoy life to the fullest.

We, at Sawasdee Spa, are able to contribute to your sense of overall well-being through our massages. Massage helps keep the body, mind and spirit functioning optimally by enhancing general relaxation & flexibility and strength, reducing muscular tension, anxiety, improving sleep, increasing feelings of well-being.

Schedule your Personalized Home Spa Day and choose the therapeutic massage you dream of: Each massage session can combine acupressure, gentle twisting, deep stretching, rhythmic strokes and meditation. Check out all our Classes, and all activities we may have at Sawasdee Spa Treatment Centre. Without further ado, check out our range of Treatments and indulge yourself with the one you deserve.

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* An amount of 3 person minimum receiving a 1 hour treatment each is necessary to schedule a Home Day Spa.

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Thai Traditional , Thai Warrior and Thai Yoga Massage all together?
Sport Massage, Half Thai Massage and Physical Therapy all together?
Thai Balm Massage, Aromatherapy Massage and Relaxing Massage all together?
Hot Jade Stone Massage all together?
Here, above, are the most common treatments that we are performing for Home Spa Day.
We, Weerawan and Didier will be your therapists for your pampering day.

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Detox - Drainage
Back & Shoulders
Body Scrub
Body Mask
Foot Spa
Pre/Post Natal Therapy
Baby, Infant, Child Treat
Mini Reflexology
Deluxe Facial
Mini Facial
Thai Head Massage
Some of the above treatments are 30 mns only, so you will have to combine two of them that are matching together...
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