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Coming soon, morning or evening short classes, 10 hours over 5 weeks.

Between 8 to 10 students in the class: devided in 2 groups, learn the techniques of massage only Hands-on.

Very good way to start learning at very affordable price. For more information, please contact Kaew..

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Sawasdee Spa Courses:

Thai Massage is well-known worldwide for the benefits of well being, relaxation, destress, pain and tension relief.

Join a Hands-On massage course at Sawasdee Spa Treatment Centre:
Students are trained from basic level to do the whole body massage or specific massage chosen.


What does the practical session include:

- Introduction to the massage course
- Precaution of massage
- Posture of the therapist
- Step by step techniques and procedure
- Theory sheets will be given to the students to have a "written support".

Why learning at Sawasdee Spa

Courses here at Sawasdee Spa focus on practice, the best way to learn.
Your class time is flexible, depending of your possibility. We will schedule the time and day together when you register for a course.
Courses can be private, semi-private, or mini group (up to 4 people).
On completion of the course you take, you will receive your certificate.

Duration Of Course: 30 Hours

Sawasdee Spa Franchise

You have already your own beauty salon and you want to have a Massage Section.
You are already a Graduated Massage Therapist and you want to be your own boss.

You can get the support of Sawasdee Spa with a Full-Franchise or Half-Franchise (courses with follow up). Do not hesitate to call us and discuss about your project.

Looking For Opportunity?

If you have already graduated in massage therapy, we would like to hear from you.

If you are still learning, not graduated yet, and looking for trainee-ship, do not hesitate to contact us......

If you are interested in part time position, please send us your full C.V.

C.V. & Resume

For any position applied, part time or full time, send your full C.V. :

Sawasdee Spa
65 Catherine Street, 1st. Floor

Or just come and drop it in our Centre

Vacancies Available

There is no full time position available at this present time.