Everyone is different, so we have different programs that you will select from...

4 Weeks Plan
Designed for people who want to get shaped in a short time, and are no easily discouraged by a big challenge. You will have only 28 days to be in-shape and look great. Be strict: with yourself, your food plan and your exercise plan...
7 weeks Plan
Perfect length plan for staying motivated with significant weight loss and toning changes: It provides great energy, health and metabolism improvement (changes normally become apparent from 40 days on).
12 weeks plan
Ideal length plan for beginners, 'middle aged' or non-really-active peole: allowing a gentle build up of fitness and weight loss, you will gain great rewards especially in amazing changes in body shape and shifting stubborn fat.

Get started with a basic plan or personalize your program for quicker success!

What any plan does include...

At your first visit, you will fill up a full questionnaire to be able to choose the perfect plan which will fit you.
We will take some mesurement and calculate your body fat, and we will fix your weight loss recommanded target.
All you need to get a good start:
- Personal weekly food plan
- Personal weekly exercise plan (cardio & toning)
- Demonstration & first toning session
- Personal weekly follow up visit
- Motivation, instruction & guideline for success
- Phone & report sheet support

What can be added to your plan...

Because everyone is different, some people may need an extra help to feel more confortable with their personalized weight loss program.

Here is what you can add...
- Food supplement to boost your energy level
- Personal extra review visit
- Private toning exercises session
- Sport & pain relief massages
- Detox massage and other healing treatments
- A toning, stretching & firming session

About Metabolism...

That is the sum of the chemical reactions that take place within each cell of a living organism and that provide energy for vital processes.
Metabolism is the rate at which your body's many processes function. It can be low, high, or somewhere in the middle.
When you're younger, your high metabolism makes it easy to lose weight but as you get older your metabolism slows down and you might put on a few pounds.

Exercising speeds up your metabolism.

About your payment

- Credit & Debit Cards: All card payments will be done via PayPal.

- Cheques: Only "Bank Certified Check" or "Postal Money Order" are accepted.
- or Cash: in our premise, we do not have a card machine, sorry for inconvenience.

Choose your plan

Please, make sure the plan you choose is realistic and safe for you. In case of diabete, allergy or any medical conditions, please consult your GP before signing for a plan with us.

Select your Weight Loss Plan
Extra Review Visit

The Personal Extra Review Visit is designed to help you to feel more confident in your weight loss program, and will be usually after the "Veg Day". Each additional session lasts about 30 mn.

Select the option you want
Toning Exercises Sessions

The Private Toning Exercises Sessions help you to achieve your exercises routine & push yourself when you need more motivation. Having your own coach to break your limits... 45mn / session.

Select the option you want