What if, by changing your habit you get in shape faster and have a healthier lifestyle!

Get & Stay Fit

Exercising regularly will help you build muscle, strengthen your heart, lose weight, increase your endurance, stamina, and/or flexibility. Also, regular exercise keeps your mind thinking healthy, which in turn will keep your stomach thinking eating healthy and always good foods.

Fit & Lean

Determine your goals or habits you want to establish. Start cleaning up your diet in whatever method works best for you. Pick an activity that makes you happy, and do it a lot. In this program, you work faster and a little bit harder: small changes can lead to big successes in the long run.


Combination of cardio exercises and weight exercises. Designed to increase your cardio fitness and sculpt and tone your muscles. You will need nothing but your own body, a mat and dumbbell! It is a never-stop-program. Re-learn and control your breathing to be more efficient in your workout.

Savate F.B.

French martial art, using punch and feet only, and wearing shoes to fight: Read more... Real cardio (always on the move), precision, flexibility, rapidity are the keys of it. Learn its techniques through:
- Boxercise
- Defence / Anti Bullying
- Assault F.B.

It's not about what you have done, it's about what you gonna do...

Personalizing your Program

Programs are for everyone:
- Women and Men
- From beginners to advanced people
- Specific training for kids and teenagers...

Our programs ( Get & Stay Fit, Fit & Lean and CardioToning ) are available in 4 weeks , 7 weeks or 12 weeks. Every programs are persanolized according to your lifestyle, your sportlife and the target you are expecting. Are included in the program, the exercises routine and also the adjusted sporty meal. Also we will adapt your program depending where you want to do your workout: home, gym, even outdoor...

Scheduling a class @ your home

Classes can be:
- Private, which mean only you!
- Semi-private, You and one of your friend.
- Trio class, 3 people in the group.
- Friendly class, 4 people in the group.
- Term-class are small groups between 6 to 8 people: each term includes 10 X 1 hour class. Trainings can be scheduled from Monday to Saturday from 8am to 7pm, according to your possibility. 5 classes minimum must be scheduled at a time. Also "Outdoor Day Training" for small group can be booked: in a park / forest, on the beach... This is fun and sporty... For other time, Sunday, Bank-holliday or any information please contact Didier.

Basics of any routine

- The warmup is a "must do"
- A cardiovascular (aerobic) workout
- Resistance (strength-building) exercises
- A cooldown portion
- Flexibility - stretching moves

Everyday you do things: You always use few different muscles when you do something, so why should you practice your sport differently??? All our programs here are based on the same way: Because you want to re-shape your body, you are going to use the maximum of your muscles, which means you are going to lose fat and gain muscles everywhere in your body...

Choose Your Program

Make sure that your program will suit you before to purchase. If you want more information about them, please give a call to Didier. If you have any medical conditions, allergy, diabete etc.. please consult your G.P.

Select your Training Program
Choose Your Home Class

Rate per hour & per participant:
- Private is €60 per hour
- Semi-private is €30/H/Pps
- Trio class €20/H/Pps
- Friendly class €15/H/Pps
All prices bellow include all participants in all classes.

Select the class you want
Scheduled Term-Class

A term-class must be prepared a little bit in advance. As well as other classes, we want them flexible. To schedule it, a small group of 6 to 8 people must be organized, find a day & time which will suit everyone... Per person, a 10 hours term is €120 per participant. For more details, please contact Didier.

Outdoor "Day" Training

Spend time outside doing your one hour training and continuing enjoying the day with outdoor activities: depending where we are going (beach, park, forest ect..) it is a half or full day fun time. All healthy food and drink provided. For organizing a day or for more information, please contact Didier on 085 17 33 511 or via email.

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Other Payment Ways

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- or Cash: in our premise, we do not have a card machine, sorry for inconvenience.